For resistant piglets at weaning, preparation with creep feed is critical.

We have developed gel galenic products to help overcome hyperprolificity consequences, to stimulate piglets feed consumption and to provide specific nutrients to help them develop intestinal maturity and strengthen the immune status of piglets.

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Winygel range

Winybaby : From 3 to 13 days of age

Gel pellet feed, especially formulated for piglets to ingest during their first days of life. It provides them with necessary nutrients for intestinal development and for immune status reinforcement.
Thus, piglets become more resistant and their capacity to consume other feeds in addition to maternal milk is developed.

Winygel : Around weaning

Weaning is a stressful period for piglets, that’s why we have developed a complementary gel galenic feed to facilitate the transition from maternal milk to solid feed.
Winygel increases hydration and feed intake at weaning, therefore, improves piglet viability.