To ensure a successful lifestart for your young birds, our team of nutraceutical experts offers reliable, ready-to-use and highly palatable solutions that hydrate and feed your birds at the same time.

Solugel is our range of early nutrition gel galenic products, that helps young birds go through stressful phases. It quickly initiates digestive function and stimulates the immune system to improve viability while accelerating young birds weight gain.

Hydrating and nourishing

Highly palatable

Ready to use

Feed safety assurance

For each challenge, a solution!

From the hatchery

After hatching, young birds undergo various treatments that cause high stress, such as sexing, sorting, vaccination and storage. Feeding and hydrating young birds quickly after hatching helps minimizing their stress and accelerate their growth.

Our solution:

, a complete feed that combines hydration and nutrition.
It is available in different forms to suit best your facilities.


  • preserves the viability of young birds
  • educates to feeders
  • Improves zootechnical performance (GMQ, IC, homogeneity…)
  • Reinforces young birds immunity and limits antibiotics use

To watch Solubird’s set up demo film click here >

During the shipping (Long distance˃12h)

Young birds transport from the hatchery to the farm is a major stress factor, It can take up to 72 hours. Hydrating and feeding the chicks allows them to preserve their viability and vitality.

Our Solutions:

  1. , dietetic feed in the form of gel cubes, contains 90% H2O, ready to use for transport* > 12H
  2. , complete feed in the form of gel cubes, contains 70% H2O, ready to use for transport* > 12H


  •  Preserves the well-being of young birds
  •  Improves viability
  • Secures start-up

At the farm

After the different episodes of stress, young birds arrive tired at the farm. Providing them with feed in form of gel easy to ingest, boost their energy and stimulates solid feed consumption.

Our solution:

, dietetic feed in the form of gel cubes, contains 90% H2O, ready to use for use in breeding.


  • Improves viability
  • Secures young bird start in farm
  • Facilitates solid feed consumption.