The company INFEED

INFEED is born in 2014 in Brittany, in the heart of the first breeding region of France. We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of starter feeds to improve nutrition, health and performances of poultry, ruminants and pigs.

INFEED is the export subsidiary of the Michel Group, a family group created in 1947 and which is today the main private feed miller in France with more than 800 000 T of feed produced/year. We rely on their specialized team of nutritionists, veterinarians and engineers to develop our nutritional solutions, which are tested and validated on the field by their customer.

Our added values: French expertise, reactivity and innovation.

INFEED, a Michel Group company

The Michel Group is a family group located in Brittany (France).

Founded in 1947, the company is run by the 3rd generation since 2010: Ludovic, Joachim and Matthias.

The first French private network specialised in animal nutrition, Michel Group produces 800 000 T of feed/year and sell 25 million of animals/year.



 Weekly production :

  • 500 000 broilers, including 100 000 certified
  • 60 000 turkeys, including 50 000 certified
  • 40 000 guinea foals
  • 60 000 ducks

 Feed production :

  • 300 000 T/year (including 4000 T/year for farmer game)



Feed production:

  • 420 000 T/year



Feed production:

  • 80 000 T/year

The group represent 4% of the French market and spread its activity between 4 plants located in the west of France.

Since 2005, the Michel group have the triple Quality, Security, Environment certification (ISO 9001 / OH SAS 18001 / ISO 14001).

The Etablissements Michel also are in the process of GMP+ certification.

The Etablissements Michel have a manufacturing unit dedicated to starter feed with a specialised production line. This production line has a specific press and dedicated raw material supply allowing to control the whole manufacturing process and exclude all risk of cross-contamination.