Icone Solubird

Solubird is an innovative post-natal solution to improve starting performances for your day-old-birds (chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, etc) following long-distance transports (superior to 24h).


Hydrating and nourishing complete feed, in the form of gel, developped for long-distance transport of day-old-birds. Solubird allows a better control of weight losses, and a better viability and liveliness of your animals for optimized starting performances.


Sheets of 8 scored-pods of 50g, with cardboard bracket for shipping boxes.

conditionnement Solubird
Why use Solubird

Hydrating and nourishing complete feed

For long-distance transport superior to 24h, Solubird provide all the necessary hydration and daily supply to your day-old-birds. It is not necessary to provide complementary feed to your birds in addition to Solubird.

Palatable and easy intake

The gel consistency, encouraging a great palatability, has been specially developed to facilitate feed intake by young-birds. Furthermore, the selection of highly assimilable raw materials helps for an improved start-up of your animals and a better resoption of yolk.

Better animals liveliness arriving at farm

Using Solubird in your shipping boxes allows a reduction of mortality and a better control of weight losses, but also educates your birds with feeders, encouraging an improved start-up at farms.

Ready and easy to use

Introduce the support and the pod in the shipping box, withdraw pod cover, Solubird is ready to be consumed. Watch Solubird direction for use.